co-living apartments_________ germany

type | co-living interior design
client | havens living
project size | conceptual design for new interior identity rollout
location | havens hamburg, frankfurt, berlin

year | 2023

choose your style - our studio was tasked with developing three distinct interior design concepts for the co-living brand HAVENS LIVING, which has been implemented across various locations. these thoughtfully crafted concepts, zen, artist, and  tech, have been tailored to accommodate diverse preferences and personalities, ensuring an unparalleled and welcoming living experience.

each concept is carefully designed to provide a comfortable and convenient living experience, with every detail thoughtfully considered to create a welcoming and functional space for residents to call home.

the ‘zen’ concept envelops residents in a serene living environment with its soothing neutral tones and tactile textures. it is designed to create a peaceful sanctuary, providing a retreat from the demands of daily life.

in contrast, the ‘artist’ concept infuses the living space with playful and bold elements, adding an energetic vibrancy and creative character. this concept is perfect for individuals who thrive in an environment that stimulates their imagination and fosters artistic expression.

on the other hand, the ‘tech’ concept offers a modern and sophisticated ambiance with its moody, saturated tones and sleek, minimalist design. this concept caters to individuals who appreciate cutting-edge technology and desire a stylish, contemporary living space. 

HAVENS LIVING is the winner of the german design award 2024 in the category of "excellent architecture – interior architecture.

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