type | workplace interior design
project size | 600 sq.m
location | berlin, germany

year | 2023
photography | t3 / Startling Brands

our studio introduced a new, cohesive design language to the new UP42 hybrid workplace, in the former Kreuzberg power station.

space planning, design applications, and carefully selected furniture pieces, connect the brand and product with employees and visiting clients. the custom-designed central bar enables people to convene for breakfast, meet-ups, and social events. meeting rooms with new furniture and acoustic treatments, as well as custom glass graphic applications, address comfort and optimise light, while still providing visual privacy - thus enhancing the employee experience.

UP42, a subsidiary or Airbus, is a geospatial developer platform and marketplace for earth observation data and analytics. UP42 brings together data from leading geospatial providers with powerful analytics in one easy-to-use platform and marketplace.


type | workplace interior design 
project size | 8,215 sq.m
location | berlin, germany

year | 2022
photography | koy & winkel photography

the future workplace___spans over 8,215 sq.m on 5 floors 

a fun, inclusive work environment with multiple areas that encourage impromptu conversation; promoting idea creation and enriching company culture. the design features gender-neutral washrooms, open (and closed) concept work areas, meeting rooms of various sizes, lounges, focus areas, quiet space, meditation pods, ablution room, custom nap pods, parents room, fitness room with showers, workshop room, tea kitchens, event space and 400 sq.m cafe (with terrace). the design incorporates accessibility with different ways to navigate the space through custom wayfinding, braille signage, and colour coding. designed to be flexible, easy to explore, and adaptable to the way people want to work

as seen in___


type | workplace interior design
project size | 719 sq.m
location | berlin, germany

year | 2018
photography | kasper jensen

keepin’ it fresh___ designing high-tech agility for the new abnormal, with tech powerhouse, Contentful 

toi toi toi creative studio was enlisted to create an inviting and fresh entry space, cafe dining space, meeting rooms, gathering spaces and agile, tech-focused team spaces

as seen in___


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