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every effort is made daily in our studio to reduce our carbon footprint - from detailed recycling and composting to striving to be paperless, utilizing bicycles, walking, ride-share services and public transport for our work activities. we also donate any studio items no longer in use to our local community.


within our design work, we aim to support local, small business and emerging artists and designers wherever possible and build strong ongoing relationships with local trades and craftspeople. supporting the local community is extremely important to us.


we align with brands that invest in end-of-cycle solutions. when possible, we specify sustainability-rated and/or circular materials, looking beyond the initial design into the whole lifespan of each product. when selecting each material in our projects, the utmost care is taken to ensure quality, longevity and lessening or mitigating its environmental impact wherever possible. and, of course, we love to incorporate preloved items and refurbished vintage furniture into our designs.
giving back

giving back - as part of an ongoing effort to support environmental initiatives, we regularly donate to organisations doing great work. this year we donated to SUGi, who create 'ultra-dense, diverse and wild pocket forests' using the miyawaki method worldwide. previously we donated to ‘ocean clean up,’ a registered not-for-profit that rids the world's oceans and rivers of plastic.
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